Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Contributors; Chapter 1.
Children with development coordination disorder: setting the scene; Chapter 2.
Specific learning difficulties: the spectrum; Chapter 3.
Developing service provision in schools; Chapter 4.
Assessing pupils with coordination difficulties; Chapter 5.
Developing handwriting for children with coordination difficulties; Chapter 6.
Developing a gross motor programme for children with coordination difficulties; Chapter 7.
Adapting the PE curriculum; Chapter 8.
Working in collaboration with the therapist; Chapter 9.
A parent's perspective Nichola Jones shows how to plan a whole school approach to including children with dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder in this short and accessible guide. It offers those in managerial and supervisory roles within schools and special education support services clear guidance on successful models of provision that have worked successfully in schools and LEAs. The book includes sections on: -assessment -handwriting -gross motor programmes -adapting the PE curriculum -supporting parents -working with other agencies -listening to the children involved.