Table of Contents

Regulatory reform and international trade policy / Roger G. Noll.
International trade aspects of competition policy / Sadao Nagaoka.
Market design and price behavior in restructured electricity markets: an international comparison / Frank A. Wolak.
Competition in the Japanese distribution market and market access from abroad / Motoshige Itoh.
Hong Kong's business regulation in transition / Changqi Wu, Leonard K. Cheng.
Toward a more liberal sky in Japan: an evaluation of policy change / Hirotaka Yamauchi.
The reform of the business service sector: the case of Taiwan's financial system / Ching-hsi Chang.
Interest rates, credit rationing, and banking deregulation in Taiwan / Chung-Shu Wu, Sheng-Cheng Hu.
Financial deregulation and competition in Korea / Moon-Soo Kang.
Deregulation, profit, and cost in commercial banking: the case of Hong Kong / Yum K. Kwan, Francis T. Lui.
Telecommunications liberalization: a Taiwanese perspective / Shin-Horng Chen.
Competition policies for the telecommunications industry in Korea / Il Chong Nam.
China's telecommunications infrastructure buildup: on its own way / Ding Lu.
Telecommunications liberalization: the U.S. model / Robert W. Crandall.