Table of Contents

Dr Death; 'Dazed and distressed'; 'Doctors don't have germs'; 'He doesn't bother for others'; A Sad Parade of Management Failures; The Self-Obsessed 'Super-Surgeon'; A Compulsion to Operate; Getting Away With It; A Quality of Care Somewhat Lacking; Rogue Doctors on the Loose; It's All About Outcomes; Desperately Seeking Surgeons; Something Starts to Happen; Deadly Healthcare; Burgeoning Bureaucracy; A Matter of Judgment; The Aftermath. Rogue surgeons, overburdened hospitals, medical mismanagement, doctor shortages. The story of Australiaís own ìDr Deathî, Jayant Patel, is symptomatic of a tidal wave heading towards all modern healthcare systems. In this absorbing book, the authors have ploughed through the mass of public inquiry data, interviewing key figures to reveal in gripping detail how it happened, who was to blame, and how it can be avoided. This is a story for all who are a part of a modern complex healthcare network, from hospital administrators to doctors, nurses, ancillary staff and patients themselves. Another ìD.