Table of Contents

Invited papers.
Knowledge representation and management enabling intelligent interoperability: principles and standards / Bernd Blobel.
Handling intra-cluster correlation when analyzing the effects of decision support on health care process measures / Niels Peek, Rick Goud and Nicolette de Keizer.
Basics and requirements for medical decision support systems.
How turing and wolf influenced my decision support systems / Bernard Richards.
Designing prognostic models by reinforcing linear separation / Leon Bobrowski Personalized Medicine and the Need for Decision Support Systems / Kerstin Denecke and Cord Spreckelsen.
Analyzing the "caregap": assessing gaps in adherence to clinical guidelines in adult soft tissue sarcoma / Zeev Waks, Esther Goldbraich, Ariel Farkash, Michele Torresani, Rossella Bertulli, Nicola Restifo, Paolo Locatelli, Paolo Casali, Boaz Carmeli.
A novel way of integrating rule-based knowledge into a web ontology language framework / Dragan Gamberger, Goran Krstačić and Alan Jović.
Attitudes and experience of Dutch general practitioners regarding computerized clinical decision support / Stephanie Medlock, Saeid Eslami, Marjan Askari, Henk J. Brouwer, Henk C. van Weert, Sophia E. de Rooij and Ameen Abu-Hanna.
A comparison of English and French approaches to providing patients access to summary care records: scope, consent, cost / Simon De Lusignan and Brigitte Seroussi.
Global quality indicators for primary care electronic patient records / Etienne De Clercq, Sarah Moreels, Viviane Van Casteren, Nathalie Bossuyt and Geert Goderis.
Knowledge representation and management.
Structured knowledge acquisition for defining guideline-compliant pathways / Katja Heiden and Britta Böckmann.
Tempolenses with variable magnification for sonic representation of medical data. Application for cardiac signals / George Mihalas, Sorin Paralescu, Minodora Andor, Dan Lighezan, Nicoleta Mirica, Danina Muntean, Mircea Hancu, Adrian Neagu, Monica Neagu, Anca Tudor and Ovidiu Fira-Mladinescu.
System for selecting relevant information for decision support / Jan Kalina, Libor Seidl, Karel Zv̀ra, Hana Grünfeldová, Dalibor Slovák and Jana Zvárová.
Computational cognitive modeling for the diagnosis of specific language impairment / Jesus Oliva, J. Ignacio Serrano, M. Dolores Del Castillo, and Ángel Iglesias.
Entropy-driven decision tree building for decision support in gastroenterology / Simona Bertolini, Andrea Maoli, Giuseppe Rauch and Mauro Giacomini.
Sharing and reusing multimedia multilingual educational resources in medicine / Zdenek Zdrahal, Petr Knoth, Paul Mulholland and Trevor Collins.
An ontolological treatment of clinical prediction rules implementing the Alvarado score / Derek Corrigan, Adel Taweel, Tom Fahey, Theodoros Arvanitis, and Brendan Delaney.
Simultaneously authoring and modeling clinical practice guidelines: a case study in the therapeutic management of type 2 diabetes in France / Jacques Bouaud, Hector Falcoff and Brigitte Séroussi.
Medical decision support solutions.
A conceptual framework for automating the operational and strategic decision-making process in the health care delivery system / Toni Ruohonen and Mohammed Ennejmy.
Supporting drug prescription through autocompletion / Frederic Ehrler and Christian Lovis.
Physicians perceptions of an educational support system integrated into an electronic health record / Damian Borbolla, Paul Gorman, Guilherme Del Fiol, Vishnu Mohan, William Hersh, Carlos Otero, Daniel Luna, and Fernan Gonzalez Bernaldo De Quiros.
Project I-COP: architecture of software tool for decision support in oncology / Milan Blaha, Dalibor Janča, Petr Klika, Jan Muẑík and Ladislav Dušek.
Design and implementation of the standards-based personal intelligent self-management system (PICS) / Tobias von Bargen, Matthias Gietzelt, Matthias Britten, Bianying Song, Klaus-Hendrik Wolf, Martin Kohlmann, Michael Marschollek, and Reinhold Haux.
Prognostic decision support using symbolic dynamics in CTG monitoring / Mario Cesarelli, Maria Romano, Paolo Bifulco, Giovanni Improta, and Giovanni D'Addio.
Rule-based healthcare-associated bloodstream infection classification and surveillance system / Yi-Ju Tseng, Jung-Hsuan Wu, Hui-Chi Lin, Hsiang-Ju Chiu, Bo-Chiang Huang, Rung-Ji Shang, Ming-Yuan Chen, Wei-Hsin Chen, Huai-Te Chen, Feipei Lai and Yee-Chun Chen.
Diagnostic decision support of heart rate turbulence in sleep apnea syndrome / Giovanni D'Addio, Alberto De Felice, Giovanni Balzano, Rita Zotti, Pellegrino Iannotti, Paolo Bifulco and Mario Cesarelli.
Utilization of ontology look-up services in information retrieval for biomedical literature / Dina Vishnyakova, Emilie Pasche, Christian Lovis and Patrick Ruch.
A proposed novel method for CHD screening by fetal heart murmur detection using phonocardiography / Ferenc Kovács, Gábor Fodor, and Gábor Hosszú.
DIOS: database of formalized chemotherapeutic regimens / Daniel Klimes, Roman Smid, Miroslav Kubasek, Rostislav Vyzula, and Ladislav Dušek.
Adverse drug event prevention in neonatal care: a rule-based approach / Katerina Lazou, Maria Farini, Vassilis Koutkias, Vassiliki Drossou, Nicos Maglaveras, and Nick Bassiliades.
Interoperability evaluation case study: an obstetrics-gynecology department and related information systems / Mihaela Vida, Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Bernd Blobel, and Elena Bernad.
Interest propagation for knowledge extraction and representation / Francesca Mulas, Elisa Del Fabbro, Blaz Zupan, and Riccardo Bellazzi.
Automatic system testing of a decision support system for insulin dosing using Google Android / Stephan Spat, Bernhard H̲ll, Georg Petritsch, Lukas Schauppk, Peter Beck, and Thomas R. Pieber.
Standardization issues implementing healthcare information security: standards can help / Andrej Orel and Igor Bernik.
Comparing the use of SNOMED CT and ICD10 for coding clinical conditions to implement laboratory guidelines / Mobin Yasini, Vahid Ebrahiminia, Catherine Duclos, Alain Venot, and Jean-Baptiste Lamy.