Table of Contents

Preliminaries; Contents; Introduction; 1 Ticked Off Lyme Disease and Archaeologists; 2 Rabies A Short Discourse; 3 The Fungus Among Us Coccidioidomycosis Valley Fever and Archaeologists; 4 Of Mice and Men What Archaeologists Should Know About Hantavirus and Plague in North America; 5 Histoplasmosis The Poop on Occupational Mycoses in Archaeological Contexts; 6 Nasty Little Things Molds Fungi and Spores; 8 Archaeologists and Parasites The Real Scoop on Poop and Other Worries; 9 Old Cemeteries Arsenic and Health Safety; 10 Former Manufactured Gas Plants and Other Coal Tar Industrial Sites 11 Beneath City Streets Brief Observations on the Urban Landscape12 Dig Fast Die Young Unexploded Ordnance and Archaeology; 13 Get the Lead Out; 14 Chemical Soup Archaeological Hazards at Western Ore Processing Sites; 15 A Final Forewarning Practical Steps to Providing Archaeologists with Safe Working Environments; Index A discussion of issues in archaeology health and safety. It highlights the broad range of disease vectors and industrial contaminants that lie silently within American soils as well as information for minimizing risk to the archaeologists who excavate in potentially dangerous places.