Table of Contents

Ticked off: Lyme disease and archaeologists / Nicholas F. Bellantoni.
Rabies: a short discourse / Tom Morganti and Nan Tartt.
The fungus among us: Coccidioidomycosis ("Valley Fever") and archaeologists / T. Michael Fink and Ken K. Komatsu.
Of mice and men: what archaeologists should know about hantavirus and plague in North America.
Histoplasmosis: The poop on occupational mycoses in archaeological contexts / Rob Ferguson.
Nasty little things: molds, fungi, and spores / Paul S. Sledzik.
Smallpox and other scourges of the dead / Thomas A.J. Christ.
Archaeologists and parasites: the real scoop on poop (and other worries) / Leslie Hunt Driscoll.
Old cemeteries, arsenic, and health safety / John L. Konefes and Michael K. McGee.
Former manufactured gas plants and other coal-tar industrial sites / Allen W. Hatheway.
Beneath city streets: brief observations on the urban landscape / Michael Roberts.
Dig fast, die young: unexploded ordnance and archaeology / Dana C. Linck and Joe W. Vann III.
Get the lead out / Cece Saunders and Susan R. Chandler.
Chemical soup: archaeological hazards at western ore-processing sites / Ronald L. Reno, Stephen R. Bloyd, and Donald L. Hardesty.
A final forewarning: practical steps to providing archaeologists with safe working environments / James C. Garman.