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FOREWORD; TABLE OF CONTENTS; CHAPTER 1 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF OSTEOPOROSIS; CHAPTER 2 THE SOCIAL AND FINANCIAL COSTS OF OSTEOPOROSIS; CHAPTER 3 PATHOGENESIS OF OSTEOPOROSIS IN ASIAN AND CAUCASIAN WOMEN; CHAPTER 4 NUTRITION AND OSTEOPOROSIS; CHAPTER 5 BONE ADAPTATION TO MECHANICAL LOADING: HOW DOES BONE SENSE THE NEED FOR CHANGE TO LOADING FROM EXERCISE?; CHAPTER 6 THE DIAGNOSIS OF OSTEOPOROSIS IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN; CHAPTER 7 BIOCHEMICAL MARKERS OF BONE TURNOVER: ASSAY METHODS AND CLINICAL APPLICATION; CHAPTER 8 BONE MARROW ADIPOGENESIS IN OSTEOPOROSIS This book reviews important topics in osteoporosis, with the emphasis on both clinical management and basic research of the disease. From the clinical perspective, topics covering pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis are extensively elaborated. Several more chapters complement clinical overview of osteoporosis, that discuss the effects of nutrition and exercise to bone health, the application of biochemical markers in osteoporosis diagnosis, novel potential drug targets for osteoporosis treatment, and osteoporosis in males and in children. As the prevalence of osteoporosis no.