Table of Contents

Expert evidence and healthcare professionals.
Forensic investigation of biological weapon use.
The paediatric hymen.
Assessment and interpretation of bone trauma in children.
Adult sexual assault.
The ethical and medical aspects of photodocumenting genital injury.
The photography of injuries.
DNA analysis : current practice and problems.
Injury interpretation : possible errors and fallacies.
Self-inflicted injuries and associated psychological profiles.
Bite marks.
Aviation disasters : the role of the forensic pathologist. Edited and written by leading international experts in the field, this in depth guide will provide an invaluable and authoritative, critique of topical areas of forensic medicine that are of key interest to practitioners throughout the world. Modelled on the highly respected series; Recent Advances in Histopathology published by The Royal Society of Medicine, this text is a forerunner to a regular, multivolume series addressing recent advances in the practice of forensic medicine. Each volume within the series addresses specific areas of forensic medicine. These areas include subjects of debat.