Table of Contents

The cultural encounter in translating from Arabic / Said Faiq.
The cultural context of translating Arabic literature / Richard Van Leeuwen.
Exoticism, identity and representation in Western translation from Arabic / Ovidi Carbonell.
Autobiography, modernity and translation / Tetz Rooke.
Integrating Arab culture into Israeli identity through literary translations from Arabic into Hebrew / Hannah Amit-Kochavi.
Translating Islamist discourse / Mike Holt.
On translating oral style in Palestinian folktales / Ibrahim Muhawi.
The Qur'an : limits of translatability / Hussein Abdul-Raof.
Translating native Arabic linguistic terminology / Solomon I. Sara.
Towards an economy and poetics of translation from and into Arabic / Richard Jacquemond. Mainstream translation studies hitherto have tended to neglect Arabic. This volume evaluates the ways in which translating from Arabic has helped to form and deform cultural identities, approaching the subject from a variety of perspectives: politics, economics, ethics and poetics.