Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Preface; Chapter 1.
Stop the World, I Want In!; Chapter 2.
The Meaningfulness of the World, the Worldliness of Meanings; Chapter 3.
Language as Human Being in the World; Chapter 4.
The World of Sign Systems and Technologies; Chapter 5.
The World of Texts; Chapter 6.
The World of Contexts; Chapter 7.
The World of Readers; Chapter 8.
The World of Articulations; Bibliography; Index. Drawing upon a range of perspectives from textual and cultural studies, this book synthesizes textual, contextual and audience analysis into an overall picture of meaning making. Using examples ranging from Balzac to blonde jokes, modernist poetry to pop lyrics, the book discusses the factors that contribute to the fomation of meaning: language, media, texts, contexts and readers.