Table of Contents

Technique of computed tomographic angiography.
Physical principles of magnetic resonance angiography.
Conventional angiography in the noninvasive era.
Contrast medium administration in computed tomographic angiography.
Contrast administration in magnetic resonance angiography.
Postprocessing and data analysis.
Atherosclerosis : epidemiology and pathology.
Atherosclerosis : in vivo characterization using computed tomography and magnetic resonance.
Vasculitides and connective tissue disorders.
Cerebral arteries and veins.
Noninvasive imaging of the cervical vasculature.
Coronary artery calcified plaque by cardiac computed tomography.
Coronary arteries.
Computed tomographic and magnetic resonance angiography of thoracic vascular anomalies.
Imaging of the pulmonary vasculature.
Thoracic aorta.
Abdominal aorta.
The mesenteric vasculature.
Imaging of the renal vasculature.
Computed tomographic and magnetic resonance angiography of the lower extremities.
Upper extremities.
Pediatric vascular anomalies.
Magnetic resonance venography.