Table of Contents

Crossing Borders & Boundaries in PSM : Heritage, Complication and Development / Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Peter Goodwin & Nobuto Yamamoto.
Section I. Broadcasting & Networked Communication.
Broadcasting in the Post-Broadcast Era : Technology and Institution in the Development of Public Service Media / Taisto Hujanen.
The PSM paradox with Net Neutrality / Marko Ala-Fossi.
Above Us the Sky : The New Battle for Borders in Spectrum Allocation / Sylvia Harvey.
Public Service Media in Coopetitive Networks of Marketisation / Tanja Meyerhofer.
Section II. The State, the Market & Civil Society.
European Public Service Media and Communication Rights / Minna Aslama Horowitz & Hannu Nieminen.
International Broadcasting and Editorial Independence : Case NHK Japan / Takashi Ito.
Fighting the Neoliberalised Media Market & State Interference : The Interdependency of the Taiwan PTS and Civil Society Organisations / Hui-Ju Tsai.
PSB and Press Freedom in the 2010s : Challenges for Radio Television Hong Kong / Ken-ichi Yamada & Nobuto Yamamoto.
State-administered Public Service Broadcasting in Morocco / Bouziane Zaid.
Section III. Crossing institutional & Operational Boundaries.
Public Service Media and the Commons : Crossing Conceptual and Institutional Boundaries / Corinne Schweizer.
Finding Public Service Media in a Global Mediascape / Lizzie Jackson.
Crossing New Boundaries in Public TV Drama : The Transnational Success of Denmarks Forbrydelsen / Trisha Dunleavy.
PSM Going Global? : Navigating the Trans Border Rights Minefield / Benjamin J. Bates.
Crossing Boundaries for Innovation : Content Development for PSM at Yle / Sari Virta, Gregory Ferrell Lowe.