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A Critical Youth Studiesfor the 21st Century; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; List of Contributors; Gathering 1: Troubling Education and Transition; On Becoming; 1 Young People and the Social Consequences of the Post-Industrial Economy: Lessons from Japan; 2 A Critical Reassessment of the 'Complexity' Orthodoxy: Lessons from Existing Data and Youth 'Legacy' Studies; 3 Beyond 'Biographical' and 'Cultural Illusions' in European Youth Studies: Temporality and Critical Youth Studies; 4 The Ambiguous Mobilities of Young Australians; 5 Young People and Food: The Moral Project of the Healthy Self 11 Running to the Future: Youth Inequalities, Homelessness and Points of Reinsertion12 A Tale of Two Crises: Young People and the Great Recession in Portugal and Ireland; 13 Resisting Youth and the Crushing State Violence of Neoliberalism; Gathering 3: Assemblages, Hybridities, Mobilities? Globalization and Young People's Identities; On Assemblage; 14 Queer Youth Research/ers: A Reflexive Account of Risk and Intimacy in an Ethical (Mine) field; 15 Youth Culture in/beyond Indonesia: Hybridity or Assemblage? 16 Wangba and Heterotopian Experiences: Urban Chinese Young People and Their Use of Internet Cafes17 Bloods, Crips and Southern Cross Soldiers: Gang Identities in Australia; 18 Fostering Complicit Femininity: Epoch, Education and the Young Female Body; 19 Iraqi and us Contact Zones: Encountering Young People on the Frontlines of the War on Terror; 20 Youth Research as Transformative Social Critique: Uncertainties of Young People in Post-socialist Lithuania; Gathering 4: On Actants and Method Assemblages; ANTsy Youth; 21 Our Troubling Fix on Urban Adolescents: A New York Story 22 Re-imagining Youth Participation in the 21st Century: Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand Speak Out23 Beyond the Romance of Participatory Youth Research; 24 Moving Beyond 'Frail' Democracy: A Youth-Led Youth Studies; 25 'Elegant Subversion': Beyond Deficit and Compensation to Education for 'Communities of Promise'; 26 Justice Citizens: Contesting Young People's Participation and Citizenship at the Start of the 21st Century; 27 The Institutionalization of Ethics: Challenges for Community-Based Research with Young People in the 21st Century 6 (Dis)ability and Choice: The Dilemmas of Young People's Transitions to Further and Higher Education in Ireland7 Deleuze and the Teenage Mother: Trouble Makers for Education and Transition; Gathering 2: Wild and Tame Zones: Governmentalities and the Problem of Young People ; Where the Wild Things Are; 8 On Fictions and Wicked Problems in Juvenile Justice: Towards a Critical Youth Studies; 9 Religiosity and the Problem of Belonging for Amerindian Young People in Brazil; 10 The Problems of Child Labor and Education in Peru: A Critical Analysis of 'Universal' Approaches to Youth Development Drawing on contemporary critical social theories and diverse methodologies, A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century explores the educational, employment, cultural and embodied issues that confront young people, and those who work with them, in a globalised world.