Table of Contents

1. The Fragmentation of Herbal History: The Way Forward / Anne Stobart and Susan Francia.
2. Early Greek Medicine: Evidence of Models, Methods and Materia medica / Vicki Pitman.
3. Evaluating the Content of Medieval Herbals / Anne Van Arsdall.
4. Early-modern Midwifery Manuals and Herbal Practice / Elaine Hobby.
5. An Anatomy of The English Physitian / Graeme Tobyn.
6. The Use of Trade Accounts to Uncover the Importance of Cumin as a Medicinal Plant in Medieval England / Susan Francia.
7. Early Modern Childbirth and Herbs.
The Challenge of Finding the Sources.
Nicky Wesson.
8. Testamentary Records of the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries as a Source for the History of Herbal Medicine in England / Richard Aspin.
9. Galen's Simple Medicines: Problems in Ancient Herbal Medicine / John Wilkins.
10. Deciphering Dioscorides: Mountains and Molehills? / Alison Denham and Midge Whitelegg.
11. William Turner : A Milestone in Botanical Medicine / Marie Addyman.
12. John Parkinson: Gardener and Apothecary of London / Jill Francis.
13. Archaeological Sources for the History of Herbal Medicine Practice : The Case Study of St John's Wort with Valerian at Soutra Medieval Hospital / Brian Moffat.
14. How Can Ethnobotany Contribute to the History of Western Herbal Medicine? A Mesoamerican Answer / Anna Waldstein.
15. The History of Herbal Medicine as a Developing Field / Anne Stobart and Susan Francia. Why has the history of Western herbal medicine received such little research coverage in any systematic and authoritative way, even though it has figured large in both lay and learned healthcare of the past? What methods and sources are most appropriate for the study of medicinal herbs and herbal practices of the past? This collection provides historians with a coherent guide to a variety of sources in relation to medicinal plants that they have thus far lacked. Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine encourages a serious re-assessment of research in the history of herbal.