Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1. Life Expectancy, Disease Prevention and Wellness Assessment; Chapter 2. Overweight and Obesity: Associated Health Risks and Economic Costs; Chapter 3. Physical Activity: Its Role in Disease/Disorder Prevention; Chapter 4. Nutrition: Its Role in Aging, Health and Disease; Chapter 5. Substance Abuse, Herbal Medicines and Environmental Factors: Their Effect on Aging, Health and Disease; Index; Of the ten most common causes of death in industrialized countries, atleast two-thirds are lifestyle related (i.e. poor nutrition, physicalinactivity, overweight/obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol/drug abuseand the environment, among others). The rapidly expanding elder population will put further demands onhealth care systems already burdened by the elderly and thepoor. However, increasing age need not be associated with expandinghealth care costs if people improve their lifestyles.