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Cover; Contents; Acknowledgments; Preface; I / Anaxagoras; Ii / Empedocles; Iii / Socrates; Iv / Plato; V / The Atomists; Vi / Aristotle; Vii / The Stoics; Epilogue: A Galenic Perspective; Bibliography; Index Locorum; General Index. The world is configured in ways that seem systematically hospitable to life forms, especially the human race. Is this the outcome of divine planning or simply of the laws of physics? Ancient Greeks and Romans famously disagreed on whether the cosmos was the product of design or accident. In this book, David Sedley examines this question and illuminates new historical perspectives on the pantheon of thinkers who laid the foundations of Western philosophy and science. Versions of what we call the "creationist" option were widely favored by the major thinkers of classical antiquity, including Pla.