Table of Contents

What is an inclusive school? / Mary A. Falvey and Christine C. Givner.
Inclusive education : historical perspective / Susan Bray Stainback and Julie Smith.
Voice of inclusion : from my friend, Ro Vargo / Rosalind Vargo and Joe Vargo.
The rationales for creating and maintaining inclusive schools / Richard A. Villa and Jacqueline S. Thousand.
Organizational supports for change toward inclusive schooling / Jacqueline S. Thousand and Richard A. Villa.
Voice of inclusion : changing views from the porch / Joanne Godek, Katharine Shepherd Furney, and Mary Lynn Riggs.
Voice of inclusion : keepers of the dream / Deborah Tweit-Hull.
Promising practices that foster inclusive education / Alice Udvari-Solner ... [et al.].
Voice of inclusion : collaborative teaching and student support / Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Denyse Patel Henry.
Access to the general education curriculum for all : the universal design process / Alice Udvari-Solner, Richard A. Villa, and Jacqueline S. Thousand.
Voice of inclusion : everything about Bob was cool, including the cookies / Richard A. Villa.
Questions, concerns, beliefs, and practical advice about inclusive education / Richard A. Villa ... [et al.].
Suggested resources for advancing inclusive education / Barbara E. Buswell, C. Beth Schaffner, Ann I. Nevin, and James W. Chapple. Annotation