Table of Contents

Front Matter; Introduction; Contingent Valuation Method; Overview of the IBW; Environmental Valuation of the IBW; Recalculating Cost-Benefit Analysis of the IBRP; Estimation of the WTP for Preserving Public Parks; Overview of the HTB; Environmental Valuation of the HTB; Calculating Cost-Benefit Analysis of the HTB; Effect of Distance on Willingness to Pay; Free Comments in CV Survey and Their Impact on WTP; Integration of CVM and Remote Sensing Technique for Environmental Valuation; Effect of Question Format on WTP in CV Studies; Policy Recommendations and Conclusion; Back Matter. Examines environmental valuation methods through the lens of cost-benefit analysis focused on three case studies in Japan: public parks, a bay wetland, and a recreational theme park. The findings presented here serve as a useful source of information on Japanese behavior regarding the valuation of environmental goods.