Table of Contents

About the Series; Preface; Contents; Contributors; Cosmeceuticals: Do We Need a New Category?; Defnition; Photoaging; Hydroxyacids; Sebum; Hair Growth Enhancers; Moisturizers; Botanical Extracts; Topical Retinoids; Depigmentation Agents; Antioxidant Defense Systems in Skin; Protective Creams; Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff); Dermatotoxicology Overview; The Legal Distinction in the United States Between a Cosmetic and a Drug; Drugs Versus Cosmetics: Cosmeceuticals?; Efficacy of Barrier Creams; Contact Urticaria Syndrome and Claims Support; Decorative Products. This text defines what constitutes cosmeceuticals and discusses various classes of products, from anti-ageing skin care and repair, anti-acne, and hair-growth compounds to agents for treating skin infections, rashes and irritations.