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Copular Clauses; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Contents; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; 1. INTRODUCTION; Part I. STRUCTURE; 2. PREDICATE TOPICALIZATION; 3. ALTERNATIVE STRUCTURES FOR SPECIFICATIONAL CLAUSES; Part II. MEANING; 4. DECOMPOSING COPULAR CLAUSES; 5. DETERMINING THE SUBJECT TYPE; 6. THE TYPE OF THE PREDICATE COMPLEMENT; 7. CONSEQUENCES AND EXTENSIONS; Part III. USE; 8. ASPECTS OF USE; 9. AN INTEGRATED ANALYSIS; 10. CONCLUSION; REFERENCES; INDEX; The series Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today. This book is concerned with a class of copular clauses known as specificational clauses, and its relation to other kinds of copular structures, predicational and equative clauses in particular. Based on evidence from Danish and English, I argue that specificational clauses involve the same core predication structure as predicational clauses.
one which combines a referential and a predicative expression to form a minimal predicational unit.
but differ in how the predicational core is realized syntactically. Predicational copular clauses represent the canonical realization, where the referenti.