Table of Contents

Semantics and pragmatics : some central issues / Herman Cappelen.
Content, context, and composition / Peter Pagin and Francis Jeffry Pelletier.
A little sensitivity goes a long way / Kenneth A. Taylor.
Radical minimalism, moderate contextualism / Kepa Korta and John Perry.
How and why to be a moderate contextualist / Ishani Maitra.
Moderately sensitive semantics / Sarah-Jane Leslie.
Sense and insensibility or where minimalism meets contextualism / Eros Corazza and Jérôme Dokic.
Prudent semantics meets wanton speech act pluralism / Elisabeth Camp.
Meanings, propositions, context, and semantical underdeterminacy / Jay David Atlas.
Semantic minimalism and nonindexical contextualism / John MacFarlane.
Minimal (disagreement about) semantics / Lenny Clapp.
Minimal propositions, cognitive safety mechanisms, and psychological reality / Reinaldo Elugardo.
Minimalism and modularity / Philip Robbins.
Minimalism, psychological reality, meaning, and use / Henry Jackman.
Minimalism versus contextualism in semantics / Emma Borg. "This book represents a continuation of the research project in philosophy of language and semantics represented in the journal "Protosociology" at the J.W. Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main."--Editors' preface.