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Contest for Land in Madagascar; Copyright; Contents; List of Illustrations; List of Contributors; Land Competition and Human-Environment Relations in Madagascar; The Genetic Trail to Madagascar; Solving Madagascar: Science, Illustrations, and the Normalizing of Fauna of Nineteenth Century Madagascar; Lex Loci Meets Lex Fori: Merging Customary Law and National Land Legislation in Madagascar; Land Rights and Alien Plants in Dryland Madagascar; Parenting through Boom and Bust in a Northern Malagasy Mining Town. The Malagasy possess a profound religious, socio-political and economic attachment to land which connects individuals and kinship groups with the ancestors. International stakeholders value Madagascar for its biodiversity, minerals and agricultural potential, while the Malagasy state views land as the necessary platform for its economic development. This collection presents original research by established and rising scholars across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Human Genetics, Anthropology and History. Authors focus on land as the pivotal factor underlying the economic, social and religious structures of Malagasy society and its relationship with outsiders, aiming to provide new insights into the issues underlying Madagascar's ongoing economic and political malaise.