Table of Contents

Preoperative health status evaluation.
Prevention and management of medical emergencies.
Principles of surgery.
Wound repair.
Infection control in surgical practice.
Pain and anxiety control in surgical practice.
Instrumentation for basic oral surgery.
Principles of routine exodontia.
Principles of more complex exodontia.
Principles of management of impacted teeth.
Postextraction patient management.
Medicolegal considerations.
Preprosthetic surgery.
Implant treatment : basic concepts and techniques.
Implant treatment : advanced concepts and complex cases.
Principles of management and prevention of odontogenic infections.
Complex odontogenic infections.
Principles of endodontic surgery.
Management of the patient undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
Odontogenic diseases of the maxillary sinus.
Diagnosis and management of salivary gland disorders.
Principles of differential diagnosis and biopsy.
Surgical management of oral pathologic lesions.
Soft tissue and dentoalveolar injuries.
Management of facial fractures.
Correction of dentofacial deformities.
Facial cosmetic surgery.
Management of patients with orofacial clefts.
Surgical reconstruction of defects of the jaws.
Facial neuropathology.
Management of temporomandibular disorders.
Operative note (office record) component parts.
Drug enforcement administration schedule of drugs and examples.
Examples of useful prescriptions.
Consent for extractions and anesthesia.
Antibiotic overview.