Table of Contents

Measuring the value of GM traits: the theory & practice of willingness to pay analysis / Simbo Olubobokun, Peter W.B. Philips.
Do agricultural commodity prices respond to GMO bans? / Nicholas G. Kalaitzandonakes, Loe L. Parcell.
Consumer acceptance and labeling of GMOs in food products: a study of fluid milk demand / Kristin Kiesel, David Buschena, Vincent Smith.
Consumer purchasing behavior towards GM foods in the Netherlands / Leonie Marks, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Steven Vickner.
The welfare effects of implementing mandatory GM labeling in the United States / Wallace E. Huffman, Matthew Rousu, Jason F. Shogren, Abebayehu Tegene.
Using simulated test marketing to examine purchase interest in food products that are positioned as GMO free / Marianne McGarry Wolf, Angela Stephens, Nicci Pedrazzi.
Willingness to pay for genetically modified food labeling in New Zealand / William Kaye-Blake, Kathryn Bicknell, Charles Lamb.
Contingent valuation of breakfast cereals made of nonbiotech ingredients / Wanki Moon, Siva Balasubramanian.
A comparative analysis of consumer acceptance of GM foods in Norway and in the United States / Wen D. Chern, Kyrre Rickertsen.
Comparing the consumer responses toward genetically modified foods in Japan and Norway / Jill J. McCluskey, Kristine M. Grimsrud, Thomas I. Wahl.
Willingness to pay for GM foods: results from a public survey in the U.S. / Hsin-Yi Chen, Wen S. Chern.
A comparison of consumer attitudes toward genetically modified food in Italy and the United States / Marianne McGarry Wolf, Paola Bertolini, Jacob Parker-Garcia.
Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified food in Ireland and the United States / Marianne McGarry Wolf, Juliana McDonnell, Christine Domegan, Heidi Yount.
Attitudes toward genetically modified food in Colombia / Douglas Pachico, Marianne McGarry Wolf.
Consumer acceptance and development perspectives of functional food in Germany / Heiko Dustmann, H. Wendlmaier.
Factors explaining opposition to GMOs in France and Europe / Sylvie Bonny.
Introducing novel protein foods in the EU: economic and environmental impacts / Xueqin Zhu, Ekko van Ireland, Justus Wesseler.
Consumer attitudes towards genetically modified foods: the modeling of preference changes / Chantal Pohl Nielsen, Karen Thierfelder, Sherman Robinson.