Table of Contents

""Contents""; ""Acknowledgements""; ""Chapter 1: Introduction""; ""Chapter 2: Constituent order structure and function""; ""2.1 Fundamentals of positional syntax""; ""2.2 Factors affecting the order of constituents""; ""2.3 Constituent order in relation to morphology and phonology""; ""2.4 Approaches to the description of positional syntax""; ""2.5 Constituent order typology""; ""Notes""; ""Chapter 3: Synchronic functional description""; ""3.1 The appeal of the functional approach""; ""3.2 Towards a more adequate framework""; ""3.3 Clause-rank constituents""; ""3.4 Phrase-rank constituents"" ""3.5 Coordinate and appositive structures""""3.6 Order of the various sets of rules""; ""3.7 Closing remarks""; ""Notes""; ""Chapter 4: Diachronic functional description""; ""4.1 Some theoretical issues""; ""4.2 The functional description of constituent order change""; ""4.3 Morphosyntactic change""; ""4.4 The explanation of change""; ""Notes""; ""Chapter 5: Conclusion""; ""References""; ""Index of Names""; ""Index of Subjects""