Table of Contents

Infectious diseases / Tawanda Gumbo, John D. Cleary.
Respiratory diseases / Emily Weidman-Evans, W. Greg Leader.
Toxicogenomics / Helen E. Smith.
The role of pharmacists in pharmacogenomics / Ajoy Koomer, Miriam A. Ansong.
Pharmacogenomics and clinical testing / James W. Fetterman, Jr., Pamela F. Hite.
Pharmacogenomics in pharmacy education / Ajoy Koomer.
Ethical considerations in pharmacogenomics / Sally A. Huston.
Future promise of pharmacogenomics in clinical practice / Jeffery D. Evans. Pharmacogenomics : past, present, and future / Martin M. Zdanowicz.
The genetic basis of pharmacogenomics / Taimour Y. Langaee, Jaekyu Shin.
Methodologies in pharmacogenomics / Christiana L. Aquilante.
The pharmacogenetics of drug metabolism / G. Scott Weston.
Pharmacogenomics and drug transport/efflux / Arthur G. Cox.
Pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics / Kathy D. Webster.
Cardiovascular disease / Kathryn M. Momary, Michael A. Crouch.
Hematology/oncology pharmacogenomics / Todd A. Thompson.
Central nervous system / Megan Jo Ehret.