Table of Contents

Lesson 1. introduction to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
Lesson 2. basic pharmacokinetics.
Lesson 3. half-life, elimination rate, and auc.
Lesson 4. intravenous bolus administration, multiple drug administration, and steady-state average concentrations.
Lesson 5. relationships of pharmacokinetic parameters and.
Intravenous intermittent and continuous infusions.
Lesson 6. two-compartment models.
Lesson 7. biopharmaceutics: absorption.
Lesson 8. drug distribution and protein binding.
Lesson 9. drug elimination processes.
Lesson 10. nonlinear processes.
Lesson 11. pharmacokinetic variation and model-independent relationships.
Lesson 12. aminoglycosides.
Lesson 13. vancomycin.
Lesson 14. theophylline.
Lesson 15. phenytoin and digoxin.