Table of Contents

Search and Strategies.
Relevance Cuts: Localizing the Search.
Multi-cut Pruning in Alpha-Beta Search.
A Solution to the GHI Problem for Best-First Search.
Optimal Play against Best Defence: Complexity and Heuristics.
A Speculative Strategy.
An Adversarial Planning Approach to Go.
Learning and Pattern Acquisition.
First Results from Using Temporal Difference Learning in Shogi.
From Simple Features to Sophisticated Evaluation Functions.
A Two-Step Model of Pattern Acquisition: Application to Tsume-Go.
A Neural Network Program of Tsume-Go.
Distributed Decision Making in Checkers.
Game Tree Algorithms and Solution Trees.
A New Heap Game.
Infinite Cyclic Impartial Games.
On the Complexity of Tsume-Go.
Extended Thermography for Multiple Kos in Go.
Go, Tsume-Shogi, and Heian-Shogi.
Computer Go: A Research Agenda.
Estimating the Possible Omission Number for Groups in Go by the Number of n-th Dame.
Relations between Skill and the Use of Terms.
A Survey of Tsume-Shogi Programs Using Variable-Depth Search.
Retrograde Analysis of the KGK Endgame in Shogi: Its Implications for Ancient Heian Shogi.