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Foreword / Peter Vanezis.
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pt. I. History and background. 1. Introduction to facial reconstruction / John G. Clement and Murray K. Marks ; 2. Classical non-computer-assisted craniofacial reconstruction / Gérald Quatrehomme and Gérard Subsol ; 3. The wisdom of bones: facial approximation on the skull / Ronn Taylor and Pamela Craig ; 4. Three-dimensional quantification of facial shape / C. David L. Thomas ; 5. Automatic 3D facial reconstruction by feature-based registration of a reference head / Gérard Subsol and Gérald Quatrehomme.
pt. II. Concents and creation of facial reconstruction models. 6. Two-dimensional computer-generated average human face morphology and facial approximation / Carl N. Stephan ... [et al.] ; 7. Predicting the most probable facial features using Bayesian networks, mathematical morphology, and computer graphics / Juan E. Vargas and Luis Enrique Sucar ; 8. Face reconstructions using flesh deformation modes / Peter Tu ... [et al.] ; 9. Digital 3D reconstruction of skulls from fragments using SLT and CAD/CAM tools / Joerg Subke ; 10. Forensic facial reconstruction using computer modeling software / Stephanie L. Davy ... [et al.].
pt. III. Perception, recognition, and identity. 11. Ceiling recognition limits of two-dimensional facial approximations constructed using averages / Carl N. Stephan ... [et al.] ; 12. Utilization of 3D cephalometric finite-element modeling for measuring human facial soft-tissue thickness / B. Kusnoto ... [et al.] ; 13. Computer-aided dental identification: developing objective criteria for comparisons of orofacial skeletal characteristics to prove human identity / David R. Senn and Paula Brumit ; 14. Two methodologies of memory research: "explanation-testing" and "reconstruction" / Sam S. Rakover ; 15. Using laser scans to study face perception / Harold Hill.
pt. IV. Applications of computer-graphic facial reconstruction. 16. Investigation of ethnic differences in facial morphology by three-dimensional averaging / Ashraf I. Shaweesh, C. David L. Thomas, and John G. Clement ; 17. Estimation and animation of faces using facial motion mapping and a 3D face database / Takaaki Kuratate, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, and Hani Camille Yehia ; 18. Facial image identification system based on 3D physiognomic data / Mineo Yoshino ; 19. A new retrieval system using a 3D facial image database / Mineo Yoshino.
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