Table of Contents

Basic principles of computed tomography physics and technical considerations / Kyongtae T. Bae and Bruce R. Whiting.
Magnetic resonance imaging principles and applications / Mark A. Brown and Richard C. Semelka.
Interventional computed tomography / Charles T. Burke, Matthew A. Mauro, and Paul L. Molina.
Neck / Franz J. Wippold II.
Thorax: techniques and normal anatomy / Fernando R. Gutierrez, Santiago Rossi, and Sanjeev Bhalla.
Mediastinum / Alvaro Huete-Garin and Stuart S. Sagel.
Lung / Stuart S. Sagel.
Pleura, chest wall, and diaphragm / David S. Gierada and Richard M. Slone.
Heart and pericardium / Pamela K. Woodard ... [et al.].
Normal abdominal and pelvic anatomy / Dennis M. Balfe, Brett Gratz, and Christine Peterson.
Gastrointestinal tract / Cheri L. Canon.
Liver / Jay P. Heiken, Christine O. Menias and Khaled Elsayes.
The biliary tract / Franklin N. Tessler and Mark E. Lockhart.
Spleen / David M. Warshauer.
The pancreas / Desiree E. Morgan and Robert J. Stanley.
Abdominal wall and peritoneal cavity / Jay P. Heiken, Christine O. Menias, and Khaled Elsayes.
Retroperitoneum / David M. Warshauer, Joseph K. T. Lee, and Harish Patel.
The kidney and ureter / Mark E. Lockhart, J. Kevin Smith, and Philip J. Kenney.
The adrenal glands / Suzan M. Goldman and Philip J. Kenney.
Pelvis / Julia R. Fielding.
Computed tomography of thoracoabdominal trauma / Paul L. Molina ... [et al.].
Musculoskeletal system / Robert Lopez-Ben, Daniel S. Moore, and D. Dean Thornton.
The spine / Zoran Rumboldt, Mauricio Castillo, and J. Keith Smith.
Pediatric applications / Marilyn J. Siegel.