Table of Contents

unit 1. Prenatal considerations and care.
unit 2. Intrapartal and newborn care.
unit 3. Systems assessment and management of disorders.
unit 4. Special considerations.
unit 5. Vulnerable populations.
unit 6. Environmental health and family-centered care in the NICU and beyond.
unit 7. Neonatal care in the new millennium : challenges and opportunities.
unit 8. Neonatal diagnostic and care protocols. The only text to combine comprehensive physiology of the neonate with nursing management, it has been extensively used worldwide for education, orientation, and training since its original publication in 1993. Thoroughly updated, this new edition incorporates the most up-to-date research findings and strategies for providing cost-effective and evidence-based care. Completely new chapters address emerging infections, the late preterm infant, and neonatal care from a global perspective. The text also provides updated information on neonatal care protocols and procedures, neuroprotective risk fac