Table of Contents

Modalities of Chinese medicine / C.C. Xue & K.A. O'Brien.
The theoretical framework of Chinese medicine / K.A. O'Brien & C.C. Xue.
Challenges of Chinese herbal medicine / C.-G. Li & C. Xue.
Medicinal herbs : from quality control, safety to biological activities / J. C.-M. Koon [and others].
Clinical trials using Chinese medicine / P.-C. Leung [and others].
How does acupuncture work? : theories and practice / B. Xin & Z. Zheng.
Chinese medicine in China / P.-C. Leung.
Practice and research on Chinese medicine outside of China / Q. Zhang & P.-C. Leung.
Globalisation of Chinese medicine / Y.-C. Cheng & D. M.-Y. Sze.
Botanical products for medical use : drug and health supplements / P.-C. Leung.
Value of traditional Chinese medicine for the individual / P.-C. Leung.
Modernization of Chinese medicine : an anthropologist's view / T. Hor.
Information systems in Chinese medicine and use of the internet for suitable information / P.-K. Hui [and others].