Table of Contents

Heart-lung transplantation / Matthew G. Hartwig and Steven S.L. Tsui.
Adult cadaveric liver transplantation / Carlos E. Marroquin... [et al.].
Adult living-donor liver procurement and transplantation / Lynt B. Johnson ... [et al.].
Pediatric living-donor liver transplantation / Jeffrey A. Lowell ... [et al.].
Kidney transplantation / John E. Scarborough and R. Randal Bollinger.
Laparoscopic living-donor nephrectomy / Lloyd E. Ratner.
Pancreas transplantation / Donald C. Dafoe and Lloyd E. Ratner. Management considerations in the multi-organ donor / Rebecca A. Schroeder.
Heart procurement / Jason A. Petrofski and Carmelo A. Milano.
Lung procurement / Matthew G. Hartwig ... [et al.].
Liver, kidney, and pancreas procurement / Carlos E. Marroquin and Paul C. Kuo.
Orthoptopic heart transplantation / Jason A. Petrofski and Carmelo A. Milano.
Lung transplantation / Matthew G. Hartwig ... [et al.] --