Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Principles of Drug Movement in the Body.
Quantitative Structure₆Permeability Relationships / Xin-Rui Xia.
Distribution / Jennifer Buur.
Renal Elimination.
Hepatic Biotransformation and Biliary Excretion / Ronald Baynes.
Compartmental Models.
Noncompartmental Models.
Nonlinear Models.
Physiological Models / Teresa Leavens.
Dosage Regimens.
Simultaneous Pharmacokinetic₆Pharmacodynamic Modeling / Pierre-Louis Toutain.
Study Design and Data Analysis / Jason Chittenden.
Bioequivalence Studies / Marilyn Martinez.
Population Pharmacokinetic Models / Jason Chittenden.
Dosage Adjustments in Disease States / Jennifer Davis.
Interspecies Extrapolations.
Tissue Residues and Withdrawal Times.
Index. Machine generated contents note: Preface.Chapter 1: Introduction.Chapter 2: Principles of Drug Movement in the Body.Chapter 3: Quantitative Structure Permeability Relationships (QSPeR).Chapter 4: Absorption. Chapter 5: Distribution. Chapter 6: Renal Elimination. Chapter 7: Hepatic Biotransformation and Biliary Excretion. Chapter 8: Compartmental Models. Chapter 9: Noncompartmental Models. Chapter 10: Nonlinear Models. Chapter 11: Physiological Models. Chapter 12: Dosage Regimens. Chapter 13: Simultaneous Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling. Chapter 14: Study Design and Data Analysis. Chapter 15: Design and Analysis of Bioequivalence Studies and FDA's in vitro/in vivo (IVIV). Chapter 16: Population Pharmacokinetic Models and the Bayesian Forecasting Applied to Clincal Pharmacokinetics. Chapter 17: Dosage Adjustments in Renal (and Hepatic) Disease. Chapter 18: Interspecies Extrapolations. Chapter 19: Tissue Residues and Withdrawal TimesAppendix. "Now in a newly revised edition, Comparative Pharmacokinetics presents the principles and techniques of pharmacokinetics in a detailed, yet practical and easily understandable manner. Coverage includes an overview of the basic physiologic processes of drug absorption and disposition and detailed explanation of pharmacokinetic means of measuring and predicting these processes by way of mechanistic and empirical models, as well as extensive coverage of dosage regimens and adjustments, interspecies extrapolation, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and residues and withdrawal times"--Provided by publisher.