Table of Contents

Community psychoanalysis : developing a model of psychoanalytically-informed community crisis intervention.
Social representations : the heart of community psychology.
Health, social, and educational impacts of two flood disasters in England : psychological processes, community responses and strategies.
How do we teach them? : using self-help support groups to promote knowledge translation.
The promise and challenge of applying community psychology's praxis of empowerment to the burgeoning field of community-based conservation.
Family psycho-social factors impacting parent's current life own perception in families of children with leukemia during their first hospitalization.
The quality of participation in the perception of citizens : findings from a qualitative study.
School as a resilient context for resilient African American youth.
Meeting the mental health and community care needs of asylum seekers and refugees in Switzerland : integrating social and political concerns in clinical practice.
Aggressive behavior of drivers : a new questionnaire defining the difference between hostile and instrumental behavior while driving.
The rhizomatic potential in/for/of community psychology.