Table of Contents

Contrastive analysis between Spanish and English / Raquel T. Anderson and José G. Centeno.
English language learners: literacy and biliteracy considerations / Hortencia Kayser and José G. Centeno.
Bilingual development and communication: implications for clinical language studies / José G. Centeno.
Neurolinguistic aspects of bilingualism / Martin R. Gitterman and Hia Datta.
Sociocultural, societal, and psychological aspects of bilingualism: variables, interactions, and therapeutic implications in speech-language pathology / Alizah Z. Brozgold and José G. Centeno.
Cross-linguistic research: the convergence of monolingual and bilingual data / Raquel T. Anderson.
The cognitive neuropsychology of language disorders among Spanish speakers / Brendan Stuart Weekes.
Ethical and methodological considerations in clinical communication research with Hispanic populations / José G. Centeno and Willard Gingerich.
Exploring the grammar of Spanish-speaking children with specific language impairment / Raquel T. Anderson.
Language elicitation and analysis as a research and clinical tool for Latino children / María Adelaida Restrepo and Anny Patricia Castilla.
Utterance length measures for Spanish-speaking toddlers: the morpheme versus word issue revisited / Donna Jackson-Maldonado and Barbara T. Conboy.
Lexical skills in young children learning a second language: methods, results, and clinical applications / Kathryn Kohnert and Pui Fong Kan.
Measuring phonological skills in bilingual children: methodology and clinical applications / Brian A. Goldstein.
Prepositional processing in Spanish speakers with aphasia: the role of semantic value and amount of contextual information / Belinda A. Reyes.
Cohesion in the conversational samples of Broca's aphasic individuals: theoretical and clinical implications / Lourdes G. Pietrosemoli.
Language switching in the context of Spanish-English bilingual aphasia / Ana Inés Ansaldo and Karine Marcotte.
Description and detection of acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia in Spanish / I. Carolina Iribarren.
Cross-linguistic aspects of dyslexia in Spanish-English bilinguals / Elizabeth Ijalba and Loraine K. Obler.
Neuropsychological profile of adult illiterates and the development and application of a neuropsychological program for learning to read / Feggy Ostrosky-Solís [and others].
Phonetic descriptions of speech production in bilingual speakers: empirical evidence and clinical considerations / Fredericka Bell-Berti.
Epilogue / Loraine K. Obler. Provides both students and professionals in speech-language pathology multidisciplinary bases to implement clinical services with Spanish speakers. This book offers theoretical and empirical grounds to develop evidence-based clinical procedures for monolingual Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English children and adults with communication disorders.