Table of Contents

Perspectives on communication and aging / Noel Shafi and Linda S. Carozza.
Cognitive changes in aging : implications for discourse processing / Tricia Olea Santos.
The effect of aging and neurogenic conditions on speech production : recent advances / Linda S. Carozza.
Language comprehension and production in dementia and aphasia / Linda S. Carozza.
Hearing and aging / Abbey L. Berg and Yula C. Serpanos.
Swallowing functions across the lifespan / Matina Balou.
Social language enhancement in dementia and aphasia / Linda S. Carozza with contribution by Noel Shafi.
Psychosocial and creative approaches to dementia care / Lauren Volkmer.
Creating the climate for contact and positive change in the social adult day program setting : an interview with Elizabeth Hartowicz, Director of CARE Program at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House / Elizabeth Hartowicz.
Color my words.
how art therapy creates new pathways of communication / Raquel Chapin Stephenson.
Music therapy in neurologic dysfunction to address self expression, language, and communication: the impact of group singing on stroke survivors and carers / Joanne V. Loewy, Jamee Ard, and Naoko Mizutani. Communication and Aging: Creative Approaches to Improving the Quality of Life provides an overview of alternative approaches used to improve the quality of life of individuals with long-term chronic communication diseases associated with aging and neurogenic diseases. This text examines how professionals can inspire and develop programs that allow patients to live successfully with their disorders..
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