Table of Contents

Preliminaries; Contents; Contents; 1 Introduction; 2 The perception and sensory assessment of colour; 3 Colour measurement of food principles and practice; 5 Colour measurement of foods by colour reflectance; 6 Colour sorting for the bulk food industry; 7 The chemistry of food colour; 8 Colour stability in vegetables; 9 Modelling colour stability in meat; 10 Analysing changes in fruit pigments; 11 Improving natural pigments by genetic modification of crop plants; 12 Food colorings; 13 Developments in natural colourings; 14 Calibrated colour imaging analysis of food; Index;. The colour of a food is central to consumer perceptions of quality. This important collection reviews key issues in controlling colour quality in food, from the chemistry of colour in food to measurement issues, improving natural colour and the use of colourings to improve colour quality.