Table of Contents

The clinical presentation of colorectal cancer / Sarah Fisher, Ian Daniels.
Pathology for the radiologist : pathological insights / Philip Quirke.
Screening for colorectal cancer / Steve Halligan.
The surgical approach to colorectal cancer / Ian Daniels, Richard J. Heald.
Laparoscopic surgery / Anthony Antoniou, Ara Darzi.
Chemotherapy / Yu Jo Chua, David Cunningham.
Radiotherapy in colorectal cancer / Brian D. P. O'Neill, Diana M. Tait.
The changing role of endoluminal ultrasound in rectal cancer / Peter Chowdhury, Rhodri Davies, Ashley Roberts.
CT staging / Sarah Burton, Gina Brown.
MRI staging / Sarah Burton, Gina Brown.
Imaging of metastatic disease / Gina Brown.
Patterns of recurrence / Naureen Starling, Gina Brown.