Table of Contents

Cortical and the subcortical processing of color : a dual processing model of visual inputs / Hitoshi Sasaki.
Color : ontological status and epistemic role / Anna Storozhuk.
The biological significance of colour perception / Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Keith Langley.
Individual differences in colour vision / M.I. Suero, P.J. Pardo, A.L. Pérez.
Color-sensitive neurons in the visual cortex : an interactive view of the visual system / Maria C. Romero ... [et al.].
Is color composition phenomenal? / Vivian Mizrahi.
Color image restoration and the application to color photo denoising / Lei He.
Color in psychological research : toward a systematic method of measurement / Roger Feltman, Andrew Elliot.
Color in aquaculture : an importance of carotenoids pigments in aquaculture of salmon and echinoderms / Pavel A. Zadorozhny ... [et al.].
Black enough? : needed examination of skin color among corporate America / Matthew S. Harrison, Wendy Reynolds-Dobbs.
Color in weightlessness conditions : "(So(BgOrienting" project / Irene Lia Schlacht, Matthias Rötting, Melchiorre Masali.
WIUD experiment : colors and visual stimuli for outer space habitability / Irene Lia Schlacht, Matthias Rötting, Melchiorre Masali.