Table of Contents

Multiculturalism: battleground or meeting ground? / Ronald Takaki.
Ethnic studies as a matrix for the humanities, the social sciences, and the common good / Johnnella E. Butler.
The problematics of ethnic studies / Manning Marable.
The influence of African American history on U.S. history survey textbooks since the 1970s / John C. Walter.
Ethnic studies in U.S. higher education: the state of the discipline / Evelyn Hu-DeHart.
From ideology to institution: the evolution of Africana studies / Rhett S. Jones.
The dialectics of ethnicity in America: a view from American Indian studies / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn & Craig Howe.
Whither the Asian American subject? / Lane Ryo Hirabayashi & Marilyn Caballero Alquizola.
Thirty years of Chicano and Chicana studies / Lauro H. Flores.
Asian American studies and Asian studies: boundaries and borderlands of ethnic studies and area studies / Shirley Hune.
Reimagining borders: a hemispheric approach to Latin American and U.S. Latino and Latina studies / Edna Acosta-Belén.
Bridges to the twenty-first century: making cultural studies- and making it work / Judith Newton.
Heavy traffic at the intersections: ethnic, American, women's, queer, and cultural studies / T.V. Reed.