Table of Contents

Overview of cognitive-behavioral therapy of personality disorders / Daniel O. David and Arthur Freeman.
Theory of personality disorders / Aaron T. Beck.
Assessment of personality pathology / Jay C. Fournier.
Neural mechanisms of maladaptive schemas and modes in personality disorders / Michael T. Treadway.
General principles and specialized techniques in cognitive therapy of personality disorders / Aaron T. Beck, Arthur Freeman, and Denise D. Davis.
The therapeutic alliance with patients with personality disorders / Denise D. Davis and Judith S. Beck.
Diversity, culture, and personality disorders / James L. Rebeta.
Dependent personality disorder / Lindsay Brauer and Mark A. Reinecke.
Avoidant personality disorder / Christine A. Padesky and Judith S. Beck.
Obessive-compulsive personality disorder / Karen M. Simon.
Depressive personality disorder / David A. Clark and Catherine A. Hilchey.
Paranoid, schizotypal, and schizoid personality disorders / Julia C. Renton and Pawel D. Mankiewicz.
Passive-aggressive personality disorder (negativistic personality disorder) / Gina M. Fusco.
Narcissistic personality disorder / Wendy T. Behary and Denise D. Davis.
Histrionic personality disorder / Mehmet Z. Sungur and Anil Gunduz.
Antisocial personality disorder / Damon Mitchell, Raymond Chip Tafrate, and Arthur Freeman.
Borderline personality disorder / Arnoud Arntz.
Symptomatic cormorbidity / Robert A. Ditomasso and Bradley Rosenfield.
Clinical management: working with those diagnosed with personality disorders / Gina M. Fusco.
Synthesis and prospects for the future / Denise D. Davis and Arthur Freeman.
Index. "This new edition covers new research on personality disorders, and the new DSM. Part 1 provides a basic primer on the cognitive model of personality disorders. Chapters in Part 2 then delve into the specifics of treating specific types of personality pathology. Each has at its core a nice, well-rounded case that illustrate the points well. Broad audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, family therapists, mental health counselors, substance-abuse professionals, pastoral counselors"-- Provided by publisher.