Table of Contents

The influence of health and health behaviors on the rehabilitation of cognitive processes in late life. The role of physical exercise as a rehabilitative aid for cognitive loss in healthy and chronically ill older adults / Charles F. Emery.
Smoking and cognitive function : issues in cognitive rehabilitation / Robert D. Hill and Karen Rothballer Seelert.
Executive function and cognitive rehabilitation / Jeffrey W. Elias and Julia E. Treland.
The influence of depression on cognitive rehabilitation in older adults / Nancy A. Pachana, Bernice A. Marcopulos, and Kellie A. Takagi. Rehabilitation strategies for cognitive loss in age-related disease. Issues in the clinical evaluation of suspected dementia : implications for intervention / Thomas Schenkenberg and Patrick J. Miller.
Retrieval strategies as a rehabilitation aid for cognitive loss in pathological aging / Cameron J. Camp, Michael J. Bird, and Katie E. Cherry.
Psychosocial rehabilitation for problems arising from cognitive deficits in dementia / Michael Bird.
Strategies for the rehabilitation of cognitive loss in late life due to stroke / Clive Skilbeck. Theory-driven guidelines for cognitive rehabilitation strategies in older adults. The interplay of growth and decline : theoretical and empirical aspects of plasticity of intellectual and memory performance in normal old age / Paul Verhaeghen.
Theoretical and methodological issues in memory training / Robert D. Hill and Lars Bäckman.
Cognitive skill acquisition, maintenance, and transfer in the elderly / Michael K. Gardner, David L. Strayer, Dan J. Woltz, and Robert D. Hill. Cognitive rehabilitation strategies in normal aging. Multifactorial memory training in normal aging : in search of memory improvement beyond the ordinary / Anna Stigsdotter Neely.
Innovative approaches to memory training for older adults / Robin L. West, Duana C. Welch, and Monica S. Yassuda.
Promoting a sense of control over memory aging / Margie E. Lachman. Cognitive deficits are part of a normal ageing process, exacerbated by various diseases. Research has been done on the effect of systematic interventions. These essays aim to address concepts in cognitive rehabilitation that are useful in intervention research.