Table of Contents

Part i: Theory and principles. 1. A Cognitive Neuropsychological approach. 2. Identifying and characterising impairments. Part II: Deficits and assessment. 3. Introduction to assessment. 4. Auditory comprehension of spoken words. 5. Spoken word production. 6. Written comprehension and reading. 7. Written word production. 8. Object and picture recognition. Part III: Therapy. 9. Introduction to therapy. 10. Therapy for auditory comprehension. 11. Therapy for noun retrieval and production. 12. Therapy for verb retrieval and production.13. Therapy for reading. 14. Therapy for writing. 15. Cognitive neuropsychology and aphasia in context. "This is the second edition of the popular volume used by clinicians and students in the assessment and intervention of aphasia. "--