Table of Contents

Introduction : Bilingual conversation revisited / Peter Auer.
From 'switching code' to 'code-switching' : towards a reconceptualisation of communicative codes / Celso Alvarez-Cáccamo.
Code-switching and the notion of code in linguistics : proposals for a dual focus model / Rita Franceschini.
A monolectal view of code-switching : layered code-switching among Zairians in Belgium / Michael Meeuwis and Jan Blommaert.
Discourse connectives in bilingual conversation : the case of an emerging Italian-French mixed code / Cecilia Oesch Serra.
On the transition from code-switching to a mixed code / Yael Maschler.
The 'why' and 'how' questions in the analysis of conversational code-switching / Li Wei.
The conversational dimension in code-switching between Italian and dialect in Sicily / Giovanni Alfonzetti.
Bilingual conversation strategies in Gibraltar / Melissa G. Moyer.
Childen's acquisition of code-switching for power wielding / J.N. Jørgensen.
We, they and identity : sequential versus identity-related explanation in code-switching / Mark Sebba and Tony Wootton.
Language crossing and the redefinition of reality / Ben Rampton.
Perspectives on cultural variability of discourse and some implications for code-switching / Christopher Stroud. This volume brings together contributions from a wide variety of sociolinguistic settings in which this phenomenon of 'conversational code-switching' is observed.