Table of Contents

Including non-randomized studies / Barnaby C. Reeves ... [et al.].
Adverse effects / Yoon K. Loke, Deirdre Price, and Andrew Herxheimer.
Incorporating economics evidence / Ian Shemilt ... [et al.].
Special topics in statistics / edited by Julian P.T. Higgins, Jonathan J. Deeks, and Douglas G. Altman.
Patient-reported outcomes / Donald L. Patrick, Gordon H. Guyatt, and Catherine Acquadro.
Reviews of individual patient data / Lesley A. Stewart, Jayne F. Tierney, Mike Clarke.
Prospective meta-analysis / Davina Ghersi, Jesse Berlin, and Lisa Askie.
Qualitative research and Cochrane reviews / Jane Noyes ... [et al.].
Reviews in health promotion and public health / edited by Rebecca Armstrong, Elizabeth Waters, and Jodie Doyle.
Overviews of reviews / Lorne A. Becker and Andrew D. Oxman. Preparing a Cochrane review / edited by Sally Green and Julian P.T. Higgins.
Maintaining reviews : updates, amendments and feedback / Julian P.T. Higgins, Sally Green, and Rob J.P.M. Scholten.
Guide to the contents of a Cochrane protocol and review / edited by Julian P.T. Higgins and Sally Green.
Defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies / edited by Denise O'Connor, Sally Green, and Julian P.T. Higgins.
Searching for studies / Carol Lefebvre, Eric Manheimer, and Julie Glanville.
Selecting studies and collecting data / edited by Julian P.T. Higgins and Jonathan J. Deeks.
Assessing risk of bias in included studies / edited by Julian P.T. Higgins and Douglas G. Altman.
Analysing data and undertaking meta-analyses / edited by Jonathan J. Deeks, Julian P.T. Higgins, and Douglas G. Altman.
Addressing reporting biases / edied by Jonathan A.C. Sterne, Matthias Egger, and David Moher.
Presenting results and 'summary of findings' tables / Holger J. Schünemann ... [et al.].
Interpreting results and drawing conclusions / Holger J. Schünemann ... [et al.] --