Table of Contents

History of implantable hearing devices / Marc D. Eisen.
Designing and building a cochlear implant program / Linda S. Burg, David Friedland, and Christina Runge.
Electrode designs for cochlear implantation / Charles G. Wright and Peter S. Roland.
Signal processing strategies for cochlear implants / Blake S. Wilson and Michael F. Dorman.
Cochlear implant candidate selection / Rene H. Gifford.
Imaging of cochlear implants / Suyash Mohan, Ellen G Hoeffner, and Laurie A Loevner.
Cochlear implants : surgical techniques / Michael J. Ruckenstein, Jason Brant, and D.C. Bigelow.
Cochlear implants : surgical techniques, special considerations, pediatric, and malformed cochleae / Luv Javia.
The suprameatal approach : an alternative surgical technique for cohlear implantation / Lela Migorov and Jona Kronenberg.
Hearing preservation cochlear implantation and electro-acoustic stimulation / Sandra Prentiss and Hinrich Staecker.
Bilateral cochlear implantation / Robert R. Peters.
Adult cochlear implant programming : a basic introduction / Michelle Montes and Jennifer Rotz.
Pediatric cochlear implant programming : a basic introduction / Michael Jackson.
Measuring auditory outcomes of cochlear implant use in children with behavioural and electrophysiological tests / Karen Gordon and Blake Papsin.
Treatment outcomes : adults / Joseph Chen, Paul Mick, Lendra Friesen, and David Shipp.
Cochlear implant-mediated perception of environmental sounds and music / Yell Inverso.
Cochlear implantation : reliability and re-implantation / Robert Cullen and Craig Buchman.
Auditory brainstem implants / Harrison Lin, Barbara S. Herrmann, and Daniel J. Lee.
Bone conduction hearing devices / Manohar Bance, Robert Adamson, and Ross William Deas.
BAHA surgery : evolution, techniques, and complications / David A. Gudis and Michael J. Ruckenstein.
Middle ear implantable hearing devices : present and future / Jeffery Kuhn.