Table of Contents

A. Engineered nanomaterials: hazard, exposure and safety assessment. Interactions with the human body / Renato Colognato ... et al. .
Exposure assessment / Antonio Bergamaschi, Ivo Iavicoli and Kai Savolainen.
Biomonitoring / Enrico bergamaschi and Andrea Magrini.
Critical evaluation of toxicity tests / Maria Dusinska ... et al. .
Computational approaches / Vidana Epa, Dave Winkler and Lang Tran.
Regulation and legislation / Maureen R. Gwinn and Birgit Sokull-Klüttgen.
B. Engineered nanomaterials: impact on human health. Respiratory system / Ken Donaldson and Craig Poland.
Cardiovascular system / Jennifer B. Raftis, Nicholas L. Mills and Rodger Duffin.
Neurological system / Sandra Ceccatelli and Giuseppe Bardi.
Immune system / Diana Boraschi and Albert Duschl.
Skin / Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere and Francesca Larese Filon.
Gastrointestinal tract / Mark A. Jepson.
Reproductive toxicity / Karin Sørig Hougaard and Luisa Campagnolo.
Genotocicity and cancer / Shareen H. Doak, Ying Liu and Chunying Chen.
C. Biomedical applications of engineered nanomaterials. Diagnostic applications / Kalcheng and Zhen Cheng.
Therapeutic applications / Cyrill Bussy ... et al. .
Annex: synthesis of engineered nanomaterials / Muhammet S. toprak, Gulaim A. Seisenbaeva and Vadim G. Kessler.
Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy is written for clinicians, physicians, midwives, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals directly involved in the care of women during pregnancy. This book focuses on the impact of pregnancy on drug disposition and also includes coverage of treatments for diseases of specific body systems, as well as essential content on dosing and efficacy. Written in a clear and practical manner, this reference provides easily accessible information and clinical guidance on how best to treat women with medications during pregnancy. Utilizes an evidence-based approach for therapeutics during pregnancyIncludes a summary of specific medications by indication with up-to-date information on dosing and efficacy in pregnancy for the given indicationHighlights current research in this area and provides easily accessible and vital information for clinicians Complements the companion volume, Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation by Schaefer et al and presents a bundling opportunity to the same target audience of medical professionalsIncludes a companion website containing support materials for professional or continuing education courses in OB pharmacology.
Mattison, Donald R.
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