Table of Contents

Clinical engineering : evolution of a discipline / Joseph D. Bronzino.
History of engineering and technology in health care / Malcolm G. Ridgway, George I. Johnston and Joseph P. McClain.
The health care environment / Lee O. Welter.
Enhancing patient safety : the role of clinical engineering / American College of Clinical Engineering.
A model clinical engineering department / Caroline A. Campbell.
Clinical engineering in an academic medical center.
/ Ira Soller.
Regional clinical engineering shared services and cooperatives / J. Tobey Clark.
Nationwide clinical engineering system / Diego Bravar and Teresa dell'Aquila.
Clinical engineering and biomedical maintenance in the United States military / Joseph P. McClain.
Careers, roles, and responsibilities / Nicholas Cram.
Clinical engineering at the bedside / Saul Miodownik.
The clinical engineer as consultant / J. Sam Miller.
The clinical engineer as investigator and expert witness / Jerome T. Anderson.
Careers in facilities / Bruce Hyndman.
World clinical engineering survey / Mariana Glouhova and Nicolas Pallikarakis.
Clinical engineering in the United Kingdom / Stuart J. Meldrum.
Clinical engineering in Canada / William M. Gentles.
Clinical engineering in Estonia / Siim Aid and Ole Golubjatnikov.
Clinical engineering in Germany / Vera Dammann.
Clinical engineering in Brazil / Lúcio Flávio de Magalhães Brito.
Clinical engineering in Colombia / Jorge Enrique Villamil Gutiérrez.
Clinical engineering in Ecuador / Juan Gomez.
Clinical engineering in Mexico / Adriana Velásquez.
Clinical engineering in Paraguay / Pedro Galvan.
Clinical engineering in Peru / Luis Vilcahuaman and Javier Brandán.
Clinical engineering in Venezuela / Ricardo Silva and Luis Lara-Estrella.
Clinical engineering in Japan / Hiroshi Kanai.
Clinical engineering in Mozambique / Enrico Nunziata and Momade Sumalgy.
Clinical engineering in the Middle East / Hashem O. Al-Fadel.
Introduction to medical technology management practices / Yadin David, Thomas M. Judd and Raymond P. Zambuto.
Good management practice for medical equipment / Michael Cheng and Joseph F. Dyro.
Health care strategic planning utilizing technology assessment / Nicholas Cram.
Technology evaluation / Gary H. Harding and Alice L. Epstein.
Technology procurement / Gary H. Harding and Alice L. Epstein.
Equipment control and asset management / Matthew F. Baretich.
Computerized maintenance management systems / Ted Cohen and Nicholas Cram.
Maintenance and repair of medical devices / James McCauley.
A strategy to maintain essential medical equipment in developing countries / Michael Cheng.
Outsourcing clinical engineering service / Peter Smithson and David Dickey.
New strategic directions in acquiring and outsourcing high-tech services by hospitals and implications for clinical engineering organizations and ISOs / Donald F. Blumberg.
Vendor and service management / Joseph F. Dyro.
Donation of medical device technologies / Joseph F. Dyro.
National health technology policy / Thomas M. Judd.
The essential health care technology package / Peter Heimann, Andrei Issakov and Yunkap Kwankam.
Impact analysis / Thomas M. Judd.
Industrial / management engineering in health care / George Seaman.
Financial management of clinical engineering services / Binseng Wang.
Cost-effectiveness and productivity / Larry Fennigkoh.
Clinical engineering program indicators / Dennis Autio.
Personnel management / James O. Wear.
Skills identification / Nicholas Cram.
Management styles and human resource development / Alice L. Epstein and Gary H. Harding.
Quality / Thomas M. Judd.
Patient safety and the clinical engineer / Bryanne Patail.
Risk management / Alice L. Epstein and Gary H. Harding.
Patient safety best practices model / Paul Vegoda and Carl Abramson.
Hospital safety programs / Matthew F. Baretich.
Systems approach to medical device safety / Marvin Shepherd.
Interactions between medical devices / Saul Miodownik.
Single-use injection devices / Michael Cheng.
Electromagnetic interference with medical devices : in vitro laboratory studies and electromagnetic compatibility standards / Kok-Swang Tan and Irwin Hinberg.
Electromagnetic interference in the hospital / W. David Paperman, Yadin David and James Hibbetts.
Accident investigation / Joseph F. Dyro.
The great debate on electrical safety : in retrospect / Malcolm G. Ridgway.
Academic programs in North America / Tim Baker.
Clinical engineering education in Germany / Vera Dammann.
Clinical engineering internship / Izabella A. Gieras and Frank R. Painter.
Biomedical engineering technology program / Bruce J. Morgan.
Advanced clinical engineering workshops / Joseph F. Dyro, Thomas M. Judd and James O. Wear.
Advanced health technology management workshop / Thomas M. Judd, Joseph F. Dyro and James O. Wear.
Distance education / James O. Wear and Alan Levenson.
Emerging technologies : Internet and interactive video conferencing / Albert Lozano-Nieto.
In-service education / James O. Wear.
Technical service schools / Manny Roman.
Clinical engineering and nursing / Thomas J. Bauld III, Joseph F. Dyro and Stephen L. Grimes.
Retraining programs / James Gilchriest.
Techno-bio-psycho-socio-medical approach to health care / T.G. Krishnamurthy.
Evolution of medical device technology / Nandor Richter.
Technology in health care / Jonathan A. Gaev.
Medical device design and control in the hospital / Joel R. Canlas, Jay W. Hall and Pam Shuck-Holmes.
Medical device research and design / Åke Öberg.
Human factors : environment / William A. Hyman and Valory Wangler.
Medical devices : failure modes, accidents, and liability / Leslie A. Geddes.
Medical device software development / Richard C. Fries and Andre E. Bloesch.
Comparative evaluations of medical devices / James P. Keller.
Evaluating investigational devices for institutional review boards / Salil D. Balar.
Intensive care / Saul Miodownik.
Operating room / Chad J. Smith, Raj Rane and Luis Melendez.
Anesthesiology / Luis Melendez and Raj Rane.
Imaging devices / David Harrington.
Machine vision / Eric Rosow and Melissa Burns.
Perinatology / Vinnie DeFrancesco.
Cardiovascular techniques and technology / Gerald Goodman.
General hospital devices : beds, stretchers, and wheelchairs / Joseph F. Dyro.
Medical device troubleshooting / Joseph F. Dyro and Robert L. Morris.
Information systems management / Elliot B. Sloane.
Physiologic monitoring and clinical information systems / Sunder Subramanian.
Advanced diagnostics and artificial intelligence / Donald F. Blumberg.
Real-time executive dashboards and virtual instrumentation : solutions for health care systems / Eric Rosow and Joseph Adam.
Telemedicine : clinical and operational issues / Yadin David.
Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) / Ted Cohen.
Wireless medical telemetry : addressing the interference issue and the new wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS) / Donald Witters and Caroline A. Campbell.
Health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) and its implications for clinical engineering / Stephen L. Grimes.
Y2K and clinical engineering / Stephen L. Grimes.
The integration and convergence of medical and information technologies / Ted Cohen and Colleen Ward.
Physical plant / Bruce Hyndman.
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning / Bruce Hyndman.
Electrical power / Matthew F. Baretich.
Medical gas systems / William Frank.
Support services / Nicholas Cram.
Construction and renovation / Matthew F. Baretich.
Radiation safety / Jadwiga (Jodi) Strzelczyk.
Sanitation / Lúcio Flávio de Magalhães Brito and Douglas Magagna.
Water systems in health care facilities / Diógenes Hernández.
Disaster planning / Gary H. Harding and Alice L. Epstein.
Primer on standards and regulations / Michael Cheng.
Medical device regulatory and technology assessment agencies / Mark E. Bruley and Vivian H. Coates.
Health care quality and ISO 9001:2000 / David A. Simmons.
Hospital facilities safety standards / Gerald Goodman.
JCAHO accreditation / Britt Berek.
Medical equipment management program and ANSI/AAMI EQ56 / Ethan Hertz.
Clinical engineering standards of practice for Canada / Tony Easty and William M. Gentles.
Regulations and the law / Michael Cheng.
European Union medical device directives and vigilance system / Nicolas Pallikarakis.
United States Food & Drug Administration / F. Blix Winston.
Tort liability for clinical engineers and device manufacturers / Edward P. Richards III and Charles Walter.
Professionalism / Gerald Goodman.
Clinical engineering advocacy / Thomas J. O'Dea.
American College of Clinical Engineering / Jennifer C. Ott and Joseph F. Dyro.
The New England Society of Clinical Engineering / Nicholas T. Noyes.
New York City Metropolitan Area Clinical Engineering Directors Group / Ira Soller and Michael B. Mirsky.
Clinical engineering certification in the United States / Thomas Nicoud and Eben Kermit.
Clinical engineering certification in Germany / Vera Dammann.
The future of clinical engineering : the challenge of change / Stephen L. Grimes.
Virtual instrumentation : applications to health care / Eric Rosow.
Clinical engineers in non-traditional roles / Eben Kermit.
Clinical support : the forgotten function / Stan Scahill.
Postmarket surveillance and vigilance on medical devices / Michael Cheng.
Small business development : business plan development fundamentals for the entrepreneur / Peter W. Dyro.
Engineering primary health care : the sickle cell business case / Yancy Y. Phillips and Thomas M. Judd.
Global hospital in 2050 : a vision / Yasushi Nagasawa, Edward Sivak, and Errki Vauramo. As the biomedical engineering field expands throughout the world, clinical engineers play an evermore-important role as translators between the medical, engineering, and business professions. They influence procedure and policy at research facilities, universities, as well as private and government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. The profession of clinical engineering continues to seek its place amidst the myriad of professionals that comprise the health care field. The Clinical Engineering Handbook meets a long felt need for a comprehensive book on all aspects of clinical engineering that is a suitable reference in hospitals, classrooms, workshops, and governmental and non-governmental organization. The Handbooks thirteen sections address the following areas: Clinical Engineering; Models of Clinical Engineering Practice; Technology Management; Safety Education and Training; Design, Manufacture, and Evaluation and Control of Medical Devices; Utilization and Service of Medical Devices; Information Technology; and Professionalism and Ethics. The Clinical Engineering Handbook provides the reader with prospects for the future of clinical engineering as well as guidelines and standards for best practice around the world. From telemedicine and IT issues, to sanitation and disaster planning, it brings together all the important aspects of clinical engineering. * Clinical Engineers are the safety and quality faciltators in all medical facilities. * The most definitive, comprehensive, and up-to-date book available on the subject of clinical engineering. * Over 170 contributions by leaders in the field of clinical engineering.