Table of Contents

Approach to the Patient with Renal Disease.
Nephrotic Syndrome.
Acute Glomerulonephritis.
Disorders of Volume Regulation.
Edematous States.
Disorders of Water Regulation.
Disorders of Potassium Balance.
Disorders of Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism.
Disorders of Magnesium Metabolism.
Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis.
Respiratory Acid Base Disorders.
Obstructive Uropathy.
Diabetic Nephropathy.
Hypertensive Nephropathy.
Lupus Nephritis.
Urinary Tract Infections.
Kidney Disease and Hypertension during Pregnancy.
Hepatorenal Syndrome.
Tumor Lysis Syndrome.
Radiocontrast Nephropathy.
Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy.
ICU Patient with Muti-organ Failure.
Cardiorenal Syndrome.
Poisonings and Intoxications.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.
Chronic Kidney Disease.
Secondary Hyperparathyroidism.
Anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Nutritional Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Social and Ethical Issues.
Peritoneal Dialysis.
Kidney Transplantation.
JNC VII Classification and Implications.
Antihypertensive Agents: Classification, Mechanisms, Adverse Effects, and Clinical Trials.
Primary or Essential Hypertension.
Secondary Hypertension.
High Risk Populations for Hypertension.
Resistant Hypertension.
Hypertensive Emergencies. Through case presentations and a question and answer format, Clinical Decisions in Nephrology, Hypertension and Renal Transplantation  provides a state of the art, updated reference for the optimal management of patients with diseases of the kidneys, and hypertension. This volume starts with the assessment of the patient, focusing on history and physical examination. Subsequently, cases depicting various clinical syndromes and/or diseases are presented, with questions centering on the appropriate diagnostic and treatment strategy. This sets the stage for a ‘Socratic approach’ to learning between the attending physician and the house staff or medical student. This is the only book featuring problem-oriented true to life clinical cases in this format to cover nephrology, hypertension and kidney transplantation. Written by renowned actively practicing clinicians, this unique reference is both comprehensive and concise and will be of great value to hospitalists and internists, as well as students, and interns/residents rotating in nephrology and internal medicine. Clinical practitioners, in the fields of critical care and hypertension specialists would also find this of value.